Gideon Shmuel

Venture Partner

Gideon grew up between Tel-Aviv and London and now makes part of the global team from his base in Israel. With a deep knowledge in the international technology markets having opened companies and offices across Europe, China, Hong Kong and the USA, he is assisting with all aspects of portfolio advisory as well as introducing interesting market opportunities from Israel.
Gideon has won a number of advanced technology awards in the Automotive AI space as a result of building a number of tech start-ups in AI, computer vision, enterprise software, automotive and B2B commerce. 

AI makes Gideon tick with particular interest in Big Data combined with AI to bring new insights to enable data based decision making, Computer vision AI – in particular, understanding pixels of objects and movement to interpret the environment and actions that are taken and to develop applications that improve people life.

With a clear growing food shortage in the world and waste of resources, Gideon is also interested in new Agro Tech technologies that improve the environment, increase yield and reduce waste.

An adrenaline junkie, Gideon heads off on 4X4 off road excursions in the desert and the mountains in his downtime and describes it as his yoga training, bringing energy and focus.