Revolutionising DNA

Touchlight's ambition is for their technology to underpin the next generation of DNA products. Touchlight was established in 2008 on the conviction that our ever-increasing understanding of DNA would lead to its emergence as a material of the future. Founder and CEO, Jonny Ohlson, has brought together a highly motivated and talented group of scientists to realise this vision. They are supported by an experienced executive management team and board that brings a wealth of experience leading life sciences companies, particularly those focused on DNA-based therapeutics. Since its founding, Touchlight has developed, patented, scaled and evidenced a revolutionary platform to enable the next generation of genetic medicines and DNA industries.

Why we invested

  • Macro view of DNA as a material of the future.
  • Solid intellectual property, from which the company could command value, build a moat and commercialise innovation
  • Chemically synthesising complex biological materials allows for significant scale, improvements in quality and cost saving within known uses for the material and lowers the barriers for novel applications of DNA that are thus-far financially unfeasible
  • Impressive management team filled with driven and experienced individuals
  • Attractive valuation point early in the company‚Äôs evolution

Meet the team