Destiny Pharma

Dedicated to the development of novel anti-invectives that have unique properties to improve outcomes for patients

Destiny Pharma plc is a clinical stage, biotechnology company focused on the development of novel medicines that represent a new approach to the treatment of infectious disease.

These potential new medicines are being developed to address the need for new drugs for the prevention and treatment of life‑threatening infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria, often referred to as superbugs.

Infections caused by antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria continue to rise at an alarming rate and they pose a major threat to public health in the view of the World Health Organization.

The proprietary, new antimicrobial drug platform at Destiny Pharma, the XF Drug Series, act via an ultra-rapid action which kill bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains) leaving the bacteria unable to mount a resistance response.

Key facts

Sector - Healthcare

When Downing first invested - 2017

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