Your partner for the future

Our mission

We invest in the dreams and futures of founders to help them build their companies with expertise as well as funding 

How we do it
Downing Ventures invests in innovative technology and healthcare companies and pioneering founders across the globe with Seed to Series B funding.

We focus on specific investment areas: 

  • Enterprise
  • Deep Tech
  • Fintech
  • Industry 4.0/Mobility
  • Healthcare

We've supported over 60 businesses in early-stage businesses.

Our focus

We value deep working partnerships and lasting relationships based on close collaboration.

We only work with companies whose businesses we understand and believe in, so we can ensure that they’re sound investments for our investors – and that we’re also the right match for you.

Our approach means that you will work with people with an aligned interest in helping you achieve your future aims and with the financial backing behind us to provide long-term support.